Exciting News for Macon!

Noxubee County Historical Society Purchase

The Noxubee County Historical Society has purchased several buildings.  The first purchase was the Hightower Building that is between Citizens National Bank and the Beacon office.  This building was constructed around 1945 by the Pure Oil Company.  Pure Oil began to build stations around the country in the 1920s and was one of the earliest oil companies to attempt to create a national brand through their building designs.  The company's stations were built in an English cottage style.  Our station is one of the last stations to be constructed with the English cottage influence as the company was beginning a transition to a more modern, post-WW2 style.  It is interesting that an oil company would create a station that resembled a cottage, a home.  The very effect of the automobile and the "refilling stations" along our roads was the creation of a way to escape from our homes and our main streets.
The Hightower Building will be restored to its original appearance and will serve as offices for the Noxubee County Chamber of Commerce and the Noxubee County Historical Society.  The plans call for creating a Welcome Center there in the building with facilities for the public.  Many  would be surprised at how many people get off the bypass for a trip through town.  The welcome center could offer them information on businesses and attractions in Macon and the surrounding area.  Our plans are still developing.  The NCHS has hired Sam Kaye to be the architect for this project.

The NCHS has also purchased the buildings referred to as the Chancellor Building This is really a group of five buildings that the Chancellor family used for a wholesale grocery business.  The society intends to renovate those buildings, using one for the location of our local museum.  Discussion continues regarding the possibilities for the remaining buildings.  It has been suggested that we convert the back half of some of those buildings to residential apartments and rent the front half for retail space. 

Our hats are off to the Noxubee County Historical Society for the wonderful work they are doing to improve our community!




Gazebo for Jefferson Park

Currently in the works is the purchase of a gazebo for Jefferson Park.  Not only will it improve the look of our community, but will make a very useful addition for various functions performed in the park.  Plans are under way, but no finalizations have been made.


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